A Different CD For Every Person On The Planet says that CDDB has just identified it's one billionth unique CD title.

If there are 1 billion CD titles, why are there only 1 million tracks on iTMS?

Here's the "it should exist" request. I want to see a mainstream legal download service using the AllOfMp3.com model. Any flavour of encoding you want with no DRM and charged by the Mb. Charge $1 a track for the first 3 months after release. $0.50 for the next 9 months and $0.10 ever after. (for 192Kb VBR encoding). Then digitise and make available every bit of audio ever recorded. You want to bet this wouldn't make a ton of money?

So where's the Project Gutenberg for audio? For those that don't know, Project Gutenberg is a project to digitise every out of copyright book.

and finally:

Just Say No To DRM [from: JB Ecademy]

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[ 07-Apr-05 1:25pm ]