I was just walking through the lobby and came across a Brit I didn't know. He's got his Apple iBook open facing outwards with a camera on the top running iChat and the remote video on full screen. On the screen is Suw Charman in the UK (a regular on IRC #joiito) talking and listening as he walks round the conference. Hi Suw!

In the hall is a big Apple screen. It's running the feed from a chat session. The chat is full of bots that are scanning the crowd for Bluetooth devices and then looking up the IDs on Google and matching them with people's websites. It's also getting a feed from Technorati of all the blogs and photos people are using to document the conference. You should be able to see this at http://etech.inroomchat.org/chatlogs/

The Brits are a little subculture within the conference. They're constantly giggling and cracking jokes about obscure UK TV programs. During the last corporate presentation from Nokia there was a mass IRC coordinated walkout.

There seem to be very few Bluetooth headsets here compared with the UK. But everyone has a cellphone pressed to their ear.

Out on the streets, the Californians are all trim and lightly tanned. Very few *big* people compared with the rest of the US.

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