Ex Thinking Machines. Started the Long Now project to build a 10,000 year clock. Has worked wth Disney Imagineering. Now Applied Minds. Remixing Art, Technology. Aims to build V1.0 of things and avoid ever doing v2.0 So working with partners.
Los Angeles warehouse. But full of hardware, CNC machines, electron microscopes and stuff. 40 projects currently.

Now showing a Robot dinosaur.

- Robots. Best bit of robots is building the small models. Some very cool videos of 5 legged crabs, 4 legged rollers and a snake that hops. On the IRC channel someone says "okay, I'm holding my breath now, hoping that those cute robots aren't being bought up by the Pentagon and turned into killers.". The IRC channel is irc://irc.freenode.net/etech

Unbelievably hacked SUV. Packed full of electronic gear.

Also showing a software project on analysing anti-cancer drugs.

IMHO. Applied minds is what The Media Lab was and should have become.

Now showing a map interface combining a touch sensitive display built into a table. touch-sensitive full-table display of map. can drag with finger, move new images over old, zoom in zoom out, etc. Shown to map makers who were weeping with emotion. Great project. Consists of hardware, software and emotion.

Now working on a table that physically deforms the surface to show mountains. Audience oohs and aahs.

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