In SOCIAL WEB' HAS FAR TO GO, BUT MUCH PROMISE Andy Oram says "It would be laughable to ask companies to add fields for cameras to a telephone XML schema, or fields for a telephone to a camera XML schema." and suddenly I'm in folksonomy land again.

So what happens when you mix XML schemas with Folksonomies? Folksonoschemas? You might think that I've just rediscovered RDF, but that's not it at all. In the above example, the companies could have just created their own taxonomies with their own RDF namespaces and we'd be no nearer combining them and doing searches for phones with cameras. Mainly because there's no obvious mapping between what are two independent taxonomy trees without detail knowledge of both. Yes we'd have a big pile of triples that could be searched and we could try and derive meaning from it. But to get to real meaning we need detailed knowledge of both namespaces and to build a map between them before we can start searching the triple space effectively.

So could folksonomy tags help here? I rather think they could, but haven't worked out the detail.

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