We've now got a Flickr style way of walking round the member database at Ecademy. This started when I realized that the 50 words (keyword bios) were the same as tags in flickr and del.icio.us.

Start here with a list of the most popular keywords. From there you can browse the database by walking round related tags based on clustering.

I'm going to write up how I did this over the weekend and some of the implications.

A key factor I'm grappling with at the moment is the relationship between folksonomy tagging and the soft metadata that generates and relatively hard metadata like Geolocation. My gut feel is that it's a mistake to use a folksonomy for geolocation. But maybe I'm repeating the old mistakes of trying to build hard categories before the event. And note here that Craigslist geolocation categories suck. Badly. More on that later.

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