Stuart has another blog about recording Skype. Unbound Spiral: SkypePodCaster

With all my messing around and thinking about the problem of recording Skype conversations, I've reached a couple of conclusions. The first is that the easiest way to record is with a second machine. If it's not right next to you then you can always use VNC to control it. On this second machine have your recording equipment (such as Audacity) and Skype installed with a second Skype user name and disconnect the Mic. When you want to record, invite this machine into the conference and hit record. It will receive all the audio and record it but won't contribute anything.

The ideal solution all on one machine needs to have a more intelligent mixer that can feed your mic to Skype, Skype's output to your speakers and headset and a mix of Skype's output and your mic to the recorder. It's just possible that this can be done with Virtual Audio Cables but I can't figure it out. I also think that a low level mixer that can take feeds direct in and out from DirectX Audio should be possible. But I think we're never going to get there satisfactorily with just the dumb windows mixer and Skype on its own. Other than that, we just have to wait for Skype to provide the capability themselves.

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