I got caught again yesterday by yet another IE6 CSS bug. If you make a TEXTAREA WIDTH:100% it more or less correctly makes it the width of the bounding box. Some times you have to force this by adding a div style="width:100%" round it. Do the same thing with an INPUT TYPE="TEXT" and the input field is always 100% of screen width regardless of the bounding box even if the bound is a TD. Aaaaaarrgh!

Meanwhile, there's now there's an SSL spoofing exploit in a fully patched XP SP2.

Our good friend Scoble has been telling us that Microsoft rebuilt the IE team some time ago. Well Ok, but what are they doing? And why isn't anyone apparently fixing the numerous bugs in the rendering engine?

Scoble has also been bragging about how it only took the MS Desktop Search team 7 months to release. Excuse me? Desktop search is little more than a fancy (and actually rather clunky) UI on their existing Index system that was already built into XP. What's so amazing about 7 months work?

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