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Title: ourcars.opml
Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 23:52:51 GMT

All the cars we've ever owned
folder Amyloo
folder Donovan
folder Dave
folder Fran
folder Doc Martin
folder The Wilk
folder Miss M
folder Hil
folder Dan
folder Josh
folder Dean
folder Ed
This OPML directory is maintained by everyone whose cars are listed. By means of the OPML inclusion feature, I link to each car owner's list just once. Anytime an owner updates a list -- no matter where it's hosted -- the change is reflected in this file.
If you want to make an OPML file listing all the cars you've ever owned, follow the format illustrated in the next node -- with the cars, not your name, as the top level. I'll put in your name on the master outline. After you have made your list, e-mail me at amybellinger AT gmail DOT com, tell me the URL of the OPML file, and I'll include it in the car roll.
Example format
Make and model. (This should be your first-level, or leftmost node)
Details including model year and year purchased (optional)
Comments (optional)