One of the mailing lists I moderate on Yahoogroups is getting hit by spam to a ridiculous extent. What appears to be happening is that there's a program out there which subscribes to the group and then if successful starts sending spam to the group. I've made subscription moderated and chucked off the members that were spamming, but now I'm getting 10-15 subscription requests a day. This is ridiculous! The group is effectively now a closed group of the current members as I can't distinguish between real new members and yet more spammers. I really don't know how to get out of this cycle. I think it's going to take a change to the Yahoogroups interface to make it similar to Mailman where a potential subscriber has to respond from the same email address. But it's then only a matter of time before some spam program works round that one as well.

What I don't understand is why this one group has been singled out. Other groups I moderate and belong to aren't yet affected. If this spreads, Yahoogroups is going to become unuseable.

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[ 22-Oct-01 10:43am ]