Con, Mr Mark Prisk MP, Hertford and Stortford
Key Vote (Brady): For - Rebel: No
Other votes:
Labour amendment - Against
Spelman amendment - Against
Cooper amendment - Against
Grieve amendment - Against
Reeves amendment - Against
Brady amendment - For
SNP amendment - Against

So that's following the party line, voting to pursue the impossible deal amendment and failing to reject the impossible "Leaving with No Deal". In a process that does nothing but waste time.

Once upon a time he was a Remainer. His constituency and county were very finely balanced in the referendum. Polls suggest both are now solidly remain. He promoted and apparently agreed with the Chequers plan. He voted for and promoted the Withdrawal Agreement that was thrown out by parliament.

The one thing he seems to be good at is producing posts and essays that explain exactly why the proposal from Tory head office is the best thing ever and so he's following the party line.

Tribal politics, eh? How bad and insane does it have to get before loyal Tory MPs like this one, vote for sanity and rebel rather than just following the party whips?

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