- Full Brexit JRM, BJ, DD, ERG. Crash out in the biggest possible way.

- Chequers Compromise The impossible middle way. Not acceptable to pretty much everyone. EU, Leavers, Remainers, N Ireland, etc, etc,

- Brexit in Name Only Leave EU but not any EU structure. Stay in the Customs Union, Single Market, 4 freedoms, ECJ, Euratom, etc, etc. Sensible, but not actually acceptable to anyone.

- Delay Negotiate 2-year stays of execution. Repeat indefinitely. Give up control but don't change anything. Wait until political climate changes.

- Cancel Art50 and Remain This is probably possible but nobody really knows the implications. Full Euro and Schengen as a minimum payment for wasting the EU's time?


We are so screwed. But we're heading into an end game.

And people are beginning to talk about the break up of the UK 2 party system. And some fundamental re-alignments. Which is going to be tricky because the sensible middle ground consists of MPs who have never rebelled and never gone against their party's whip. It's hard to see how they could grow a backbone and do anything. While simultaneously holding their nose and cooperating with the other tribe. More likely is that the extremes of each party break away. Leaving 2 rump parties, neither of which can get a majority.

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