br /> This referred to the mission creep of London Congestion Zone cameras where vehicle movements were not passed to Police, passed to Police and deleted after two years, passed to Police and held indefinitely.

Now Sadiq Khan has announced a 2021 ULEZ that covers everything inside the N and S Circular roads. Which will require congestion zone style ANPR technology along the whole edge of this area. Which will inevitably be shared with the Police and held indefinitely.

Welcome to the Panopticon.

ps. I have friends who have old motorcycles who are very upset about this. They won't be able to ride them inside the N Circular without incurring a charge. I'm conflicted about this. One one side get with the programme. You're on the wrong side of the line. Should you be allowed to ride an LC350 2-stroke in a heavily polluted area? On the other side, M/C are really not the problem in terms of scale so why aren't they just excluded? Note also that the Congestion zone is front number plate facing. The new ULEZ will have to be rear number plate facing to catch M/C.

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