Today's UK Politics.

10 reasons to vote against the Nasty Party
- Austerity
- Brexit No Deal
- NHS Funding
- Dementia Tax and social care U-Turn
- Education cuts
- Faith and Grammar Schools
- Benefit cuts
- Council funding cuts
- The Daily Mail / Express / Sun / Times
- Trump

And add these. How many more do you need?
- Police and security services cuts
- Support for foreign wars and arms sales
- Winter Fuel allowance
- Fracking, Climate, Energy

Judge them on their record. The LibDems are being punished for their part in the coalition. Now it's time to punish the Tories for their part in the last 7 years. But as always this election is about the future, not about the past. Do you really want the country to be governed by people who lie, and lie, and lie for their own personal gain and that of their friends?


Did Theresa May's script writers watch too much of The Wire? Brexit means Brexit. Enough is enough. Terrorism breeds terrorism. Breakfast means Breakfast. No deal is better than a bad deal. The Game is The Game.

It’s the same baby language as “Brexit means Brexit”, the double emphasis mere proof that May has lost the ability to convince us of anything she says.


Tactical Voting is not ideologically unsound.


10,000 turn out in the rain to see Corbyn in Gateshead.

70 turn out for May in Leith and have to be told to clap.

Guess which event got covered by the BBC?

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