From out of the wild wild east, the internet just got dirty again. In the last week I've had,

A huge increase in spam making it past greylisting, spamassassin and my other filters and mostly aimed at postmaster at The fact it's beating greylisting means this has to be botnets using machines with valid email sending mechanisms. For while there we were keeping spam under control by just throwing it away or refusing to accept it. Looks like they just escalated the game again.

5 machines in China hammering away at They don't read robots.txt, they're on Chinese broadband IPs and they have a user agent that looks like a standard windows XP install. Why? What is going on here? Is it some great wall of China thing that is positively encouraging me to just deny all for the entire Chinese IP ranges?

Bots that ignore 403 forbidden and robots.txt and just keep on requesting pages when they never get anything. Why? I'm looking at you here and voilabot

A big increase in hand input spam into web signup forms. What is the point in trying to advertise blue pills by putting the Ad into an RSS feed suggestion form for a site that aggregates UK political blogs? The only person to see it is going to be me. Same thing for the signup form for a website specialising in recumbent motorcycles that is moderated so every signup has to be approved. Both of these are completely and utterly pointless and do nothing but waste the time of the moderator.

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