Doc Searls Weblog · On the continuing end of broadcasting as usual :

My wife is addicted to BBC Radio 4. Every couple of years, the portable radio gets dropped one too many times and has to be replaced. Each time the radio gets more features and works less well. The latest upgrade was to a portable Sony DAB that has less battery life, takes more batteries and requires a good signal with the antenna extended to work at all. If you change from mains power to batteries, it doesn't just switch power and stay on, it turns itself off. And all this for only a small improvement in audio over FM?

This household at least could do with an ultra low power radio that picks up Radio 4 and nothing else and has a sleep function.

The other half (ie me) is addicted to last.FM tag radio ('Chillosophy' tag). That's fine in the house, but there's no solution (yet) for listening in the car. And even in the house, I could do with some portable solution to this. A Chumby perhaps?

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