The Eco-Effective Future (II) | AlwaysOn : As it turns out, cities can be much more biodiverse than the surrounding countryside. As Claude Levi Strauss said, "The city has elements at once of biological procreation, organic evolution, and esthetic creation. It is both a natural object and a thing to be cultivated; individual and group; something lived and something dreamed."

The two articles here (this is the second) are a fascinating view of an eco-design approach where everything is seen in renewable terms. As he puts it "Waste in-Food out".

Although I've been pretty rude about it, this resonates for me with Bruce Sterling's opening post in The State of the World discussion. Mid sized cities are actually an appropriate way to organize humanity and society. They make more sense than either nations or agricultural villages. Which makes me wonder if we're coming to the end of a relatively brief (in history of mankind terms) era of the nation state.

The other idea that keeps interesting me is the switch from a command and control approach to directing society to an emergent behaviour, hive mind approach. I wonder if I can work all this into something coherent. My last two tweets come from this.

Is the collapse of the Music industry's Short Head a metaphor for other changes in 2008?

How do you disintermediate Governments?

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