Online networking mostly consists of:-

1) Meet: Find interesting people. Collect names.
2) Message: Talk direct to them, One to One.
3) Discuss: Form affinity groups and discuss stuff among the people in the group. Few to Few
4) Publish: Post short or long form content to the web. One to Many.

I'm discovering that I'm really only interested in 3) Discuss. I'm uncomfortable and quickly bored with talking one to one. I'm only interested in 1) Meet and 4) Publish in so much as it attracts people to the party.

So I find myself posting more in clubs, discussion forums, Skype chats and Blog comments and less and less here. My best thinking is being done while talking off the top of my head to groups of other people and summarising it here is becoming a chore. I find I'm using Twitter as well as a way of throwing out mind bombs in the hope of sparking a reaction.

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