Here's how I manage to be a Conservative, Socialist and Anarchist all at the same time.

I'm a Conservative because I have great faith in the ability of free market capitalism to drive society forwards, create wealth and increase the overall standard of living. There's just one problem. There are almost no free market economies. Those that call themselves free market are actually highly controlled, regulated and dominated by special interest group government lobbying aimed at creating non-free markets.

I'm a socialist because I believe society should provide a safety net for the least able members of society. We should make sure that everyone, regardless of class, race, creed or ability should have access to universal health care, transport, schooling and so on. And this is not about some liberal feel good wishy washy socialist ideology but about enlightened self interest. This also drives society forwards, creates wealth and increases the overall standard of living. I'm further a socialist because I believe that it's important for society as a whole to enable some sections of society to goof off and do unproductive things like make music or philosophise. And I believe that Government has a role to play in doing the big long term projects that private capitalism cannot manage.

I'm an anarchist because I believe that the best government is the one that governs least. Government should be incentivised to constantly simplify and reduce it's involvement in society and it's system of rules, laws and taxes. It has no business telling us how to be or telling us how to behave or telling us what we can put in our bodies. It has no business acting as employer of last resort. And so it has no business in creating bureaucratic structures to justify it's own existence. It has no business wageing opportunistic wars across the world. Its only interest should be in the increasing wellbeing of the society that it represents.

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