ipodminusitunes: Apple cuts us off : So, it's finally happened. Unhappy with other media players being better than iTunes, Apple have apparently decided to stop them from working with the new range of iPods.

Grrr. I really like Sharepod. I really hate iTunes.

Slashdot. The new iPods have encrypted firmware and have changed the database structure to include a hidden hash.

This means:-
- No more 3rd party Sync utilities. Effpod, Sharepod, etc
- No more iPod support in non-iTunes music players. Winamp, Amarok etc etc
- No more support for the iPod on Linux PCs. Unless you can figure out how to run iTunes in VMWare
- No more alternate firmware. Linux or Rockbox.


Just take the shiny white pill and don't question Apple. They're only doing this for your own good.

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