In a press release, Apple Unveils Higher Quality DRM-Free Music on the iTunes Store

Well hoo bloody ray!

Now for the downside and implications.

- $1.29 per song for 256Kbps? So that's $12.90 for an album (ish). What's a CD cost now at Walmart? $10? And let's not forget they're competing with free.

[edited to add]. OK I didn't read all the article. Full albums are $9.99 at 256K and with no DRM.

- So iTunes can support selling alternate prices and non-DRMed tracks side by side with DRMed tracks. So when people reacted to Steve's "DRM is bad" statement by saying that he should sell on-DRM where the artist requested it have a point. And all the Apple Fanboys who used the argument that it was too hard will have to change their (i)tune.

And I'm still sad that AllOfMp3 has effectively gone.

I'll repeat that. let's not forget they're competing with free. What happens when sales *don't* take off. Is that when we start seeing the price go into free fall?

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