As George Bush heads into the last 2 years of his presidency, I have a modest proposal to help him make up for the mess of the last 6 years. He's finally got on the Global Warming bandwagon. He's talked about reducing the USA's dependence on terrorist oil. And he ought to know that US health care is a mess. So here's the proposal.

Increase petrol/oil tax to European levels. Plough the vast additional income into funding a European/Canadian state health system.

Now this is something that the Democrats cannot fight because it simultaneously targets their major issues. Tripling petrol prices will drive the market towards smaller more efficient cars. This will enable the USA to meet the Kyoto accord without having to actually enforce any reductions. And it will undermine the absurd health insurance crisis while improving the lot of the bottom 3rd of the society by enabling them to get real health care.

The one downside is of course that it will drive the economy into recession and high inflation. Oh well.

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