This dropped across my desk today. The phrase is allegedly some of Saddam's last words.

"Is this your manhood?" « Fundamentalist Druid : The other explanation is that they actually have no fucking clue about any of this stuff, and it's simply a side-effect of staging a bit of a circus for some of their Iraqi puppets with old grudges and for their remaining drool-case supporters in the US, by demonstrating their arbitary power of life and death over uppity foreigners, just like Caligula did by throwing them to the lions.

At the end of the day though, it's certainly a great advert for the 'freedom and democracy' that Bush and Blair (don't forget our dear Prime Minister) promised to bring to Iraq isn't it?

That's the government that we invaded Iraq in order to install? That mob of guys in black balaclavas waving a noose?

That's what 'bringing freedom and democracy' to a country looks like these days?

That's what Bush and Blair lied so much and killed so many thousands of people to achieve?

Grainy footage of a chanting mob of hooded fanatics stringing up an (embarrassingly brave) old man, in what appears to be an abandoned garage?

God help us.

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