Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » The Man From Google Returns : Turns out search for a record PEAKS upon single release. Yup, that's the HIGHEST INTEREST EVER, when the track is first heard. But as you well know, almost always, YOU CAN'T BUY THE TRACK AT ANY PRICE! CERTAINLY NOT THE ALBUM!

3 or 4 years ago (you know, a lifetime in internet time) back when I last used to buy CDs in an actual record store, I remember being infuriated because the brilliant review in Saturday's Times was for a CD that wasn't available for another month. At the time it seemed seriously stupid. By the time the CD was released and available to actually buy, I'd completely forgotten about it.

Now the record store has shut. It's companion store in the next town has also shut. The Virgin and HMV record stores in the nearest towns with a mall have shut as well. The only place within 20 miles that actually sells CDs is Tesco and Woolworths and they only carry 30 titles. Even the WH Smiths has shut it's music area and only sells movie DVDs.

And they wonder why the traditional music biz is dying?

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