I have a project taking shape in my head.

1) Take one late model iPod with a broken hard disk
2) Build a 1.8" socket to 2.5" hard disk connector cable
3) Build a 3.3V to 5V convertor to drive the 2.5" hard disk from the iPod's drive power supply.
4) Build it into a case just big enough to carry the larger disk
5) Double up on the battery. Perhaps convert to a couple of cellphone batteries.
6) Load Rockbox on it.

What I'm after is a usable iPod thing with a 120Gb disk that still fits in a pocket. Just. What I'm missing is the electronics knowledge to design 3) I can wield a soldering iron but I'm not sure where to start on the voltage convertor. I'm fairly sure that there are one chip designs for this that can handle the 0.5 to 4W current, but don't know where to start.

Because of the way that iPod cases fit together I figure I can keep the iPod face plate and mount it flush on one side of a plastic box big enough for the drive and extra batteries.

This is the next level of sites like Make and Instructables. Here's an idea, now how do I make it? Open Source Hardware Hacking?

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