How's this:-
- Creative Zen Xtra with an 80gb disk using PFS firmware containing my complete music collection.
- Massive chillout playlist.
- Played into Winamp 5.3 with the latest PMP plugin with the playlist random shuffled rather running on winamp shuffle mode so nothing gets repeated. I've been playing it for weeks and am still only 50% through.
- Reported to by hacking the old winamp plugin so that it reports streamed music.
- Which then ends up here.
- Meanwhile while winamp is playing music it modifies my Skype Mood to show what's currently playing via a custom skype API plugin written in Delphi.
- The last tracks RSS feed ends up on my blog in a sidebar box.
- It also gets grabbed and put into my Ecademy "External content" page on my profile.

It's all good! If you want some recommendations for Chillout/Downbeat tracks you could do worse than just work through the list of tracks on my page. There's hardly a bad one between them.

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