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So after 10 Aug and the War on Moisture along with ever more ridiculous airline security measures, we now have 17 people reaching the end of their 28 days detention. Reading down the list of charges we have:-

1 person possession of a handgun
1 person possession of a map of Afghanistan, and a book on improvised explosives
1 person preparing to smuggle improvised bombs onto an aircraft
11 people conspiring
3 people withholding information

Now clearly we shouldn't pre-judge any trial. And there's all sorts of possibilities here. But just as this could be a terrorist plot to cause unimaginable horror, it could also be a small group of somewhat deluded people with dreams of defending their homeland (Afghanistan) from yet another invasion. And led by somebody with more foolishness than the others who actually got hold of a handgun.

The only information I've seen about the "improvised bomb" was a reference to weedkiller, sugar and ground aluminium found near one of the houses. This isn't a high tech, two part, liquid weapon, this is what the IRA and countless schoolboys[1] have messed with over the years.

You scared yet?

[1]The Amateur Rocketry Society at school was a somewhat underground affair. A 0.22" drill meant they managed to make a 22 Sten Gun using ammunition from the rifle range. It never did go full auto, but did fire single shot. Propellant for the rockets was sodium chlorate, icing sugar and tissue paper. An old life raft gas bottle from Molesworth airfield (when it was a dump for the USAF and before it was a cruise missile base) made a container for an improvised bomb with a fuse wire, zinc and sulphur remote detonator. It made a very satisfying explosion. I always believed that Sodium Chlorate has been sold for years with a stabiliser that stops it being used as an explosive. Maybe I'm wrong.

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