Niall Kennedy has done a tremendous job of analysing the current state of the art in MyPages:

This area is clearly important because it represents a BIG pot of cash for the majors. But I'm also completely uninterested in it as a customer. My browser is set to about:blank and I would never use a MyPage, though like others I've used them all once. The whole area seems to me to be pure Web 1.0 and to be about lock-in, sticky eyeballs and monetizing via advertising.

I want to invert the concept into it's mirror image. Not a MyPage with stuff from other people for me to read. But a YourPage with stuff from me for other people to read. Something that aggregates everything I produce all over the web into a page where people can find out about me. Who am I, what do I do, what do I read, what do I listen to, who are my friends, what have I written, what conversations am I in, what am I selling, etc etc.

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