Smart Mobs: Berners-Lee calls for Web 2.0 calm along with Dave's rant at O'Reilly and quite a few others are pointing out that Web 2.0 is just Web 1.0 with pastel colours and a style sheet.

You want to see something really revolutionary? Well how about Second life, P2P/Decentralisation and people running their own code on their own servers (especially when it's their own home machine). 50 million blogs is impressive but less so when the majority are hosted by one of 4 companies.

Really, the number two a dot and the letter "Oh" is a crock of BS. But then you've got to admire people who've turned that mnemonic into a conference series, a book and a speaking tour.

Now about P2P, Decentralisation and the end to end principle. Whatever happened to that? Was it too hard, or has it been deliberately buried? Will things like AllPeers bring it back again?

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