The Long Tail: What do people really want in music? :
# Airplay Charts: "Measure what people are being fed."
# Sales Charts: "Measure what people are eating from what they're being fed."
# Usage Charts: "Measure what, from the music people can listen to, they listen to the most."

Here's another few questions.
- What music are people creating?
- What music are people listening to live? (at concerts, bars, live performances)
- What music are people copying?
- What background music is being played at people? (in bars, restaurants, hotel foyers, shops)?
- What music is used as soundscapes in TV, film?

I really wish we could get some of the same metrics for books. The problem is that a book can't tell a computer that it's being read the way a piece of music can tell that it's being played.

And BTW. The whole "Music Genre" classification system is really screwed. It's ripe for tags. At which point see Last.FM.

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