Ah yes. Almost British in it's sense of humour. And carrying an undercurrent of Truthiness. I mean, you gotta larf, right?

More seriously, keep racheting up the pain of airline travel and we'll solve global warming. Because you just know that the current regime is the new normal. They're never going to be able to chill out and stop worrying. So I guess that's it. No more Web 2.0 conferences in SilliValley for me.

So can you carry on supplies of Nicorette gum because I don't think I could survive a transatlantic flight without it along with a good book to read. Hmm. Foil packed squares of gum. Just right for my new plastic explosive. And how about ear plugs? Or my blow up travel pillow?

For the fourth time today I find myself saying "Just stop it guys, you're being stupid. It's not big and it's not clever. It's just stupid. Just stop it."

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