The next stage in my Google Maps experiments has just gone live. We're now plotting all Ecademy subscribers on a Google Map using my automated bunching code. I think we're the first social or business network to do something like this.

If anyone's worried about data security, we're only showing members who allow their street address and postcode/zipcode to be shown on their profile.

The Geocoding was done from an open, non-commercial database of the first part of people's UK postcodes or US Zipcodes. They can then fine tune this.

The infowindow popups contain a link to their Ecademy Profile, Company web site and their main IM system, such as Skype. The Skype links are active and show their current status if they've enabled "Show my status on the web". I'm also using the latest Google Maps V2.x to show tooltips when you hover over an point.

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