WSJ: eBay looking for allies against Google :: AO : eBay should go into competition with AdSense. They've got a huge inventory of listings. They could charge people who post on eBay a premium to have their listing added to the Ad Inventory. They then sell Ads to publishers/Bloggers in the same way as the AdSense program and use Paypal to pay them.

Look at the virtuous circle here.
- Every Ad is also an Ad for eBay.
- eBay listers get wider exposure.
- publishers get real Ads instead of "Get iPods on eBay".
- Paypal gets another boost.
The trick is to solve the problem of getting the context right. Perhaps they should actually team up with Technorati and use tags[1] to solve the context problem.

[1] When is eBay going to transition from fixed categories to tags?

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