Why Does God Hate Amputees? by Marshall Brain

This is an excellent and well argued piece extracted from a much larger book that shows that belief in the little truth of pretty much any religious book is delusional. He uses this to criticise Christians and Christianity, along with Muslims, Jews and Mormons (to take examples). But it's important to understand that he is not criticising those religions per se, but rather the people who profess to be in their number who believe the literal truth of each of their major works.

I have a particular problem with people who call themselves Christians and in particular the American Evangelical kind, who say they believe in the literal truth of the Old Testament. It seems to me that much of the work of the prophet Jesus the Christ and the New Testament over-rode the teachings of the Old Testament. And it's his name which is given to the religion. It's also notable that even the Catholic church is starting to distance itself from a literal reading of the Old Testament and to portray it as teaching stories and parables containing important knowledge but not literally true.

So Marshall Brain has written a great work that debunks one side to most of the great religions that holds vast numbers of people in ignorance, delusion and stupidity. But we shouldn't think that he has debunked religion itself. We'll leave that for another day.

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