For some time I've been thinking about a book version of Last.FM to try and answer the question "what should I read next" better than Amazon can. It's a source of some irritation to me that Amazon don't this themselves based on what you're reading and have read rather than what you've bought from them. There's something missing in their recommendation system to do with finding people like you as well as books like the ones you've bought. I find their sstem tends to narrow down the niche rather than expanding your reading horizons.

So I've come across Reader2 and I quite like it. It needs work and there's some holes but it's close and close enough to encourage people to use it. So here's my page and my biggest tag, Cyberpunk.

The problem with this is the data entry. can tell what you're listening to and it changes all the time. Books can't easily tell a website that their being read and by who. So can someone write a couple of bookmarklets that scrape an Amazon page and fill in the data entry form on Reader2?

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