Here we go again.

Live from the Steve Jobs Keynote One more thing - Engadget - : iTunes 6.0 will also feature video and the iTunes Music Store will feature Fairplay DRMed video downloads (big surprise, right?).

At launch over 2,000 music videos will be made available at a cost of $1.99 apiece. You can download iTunes 6.0 starting today.

It's not only music videos you can buy. No, Apple's set up to allow you to purchase TV shows for $1.99 apiece. Get Desperate Housewives or four other ABC shows premiering on iTunes at two bucks an ep. Videos are native QVGA resolution.

A quick google search took me to Isohunt and numerous Bittorrent downloads of Desperate Housewives for free. Who in their right mind would pay Apple $1.99 for these? When they've already been shown free to air.

Then there's the bandwidth issue. So an iTMS music track of 6Mb is $0.99 but a 350Mb video track is $1.99 Did I miss something here?

Just say no to DRM, m'kay?

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