I was looking for a quote and came across this.

Well worth a read for anyone involved in community building and moderation. Here's a key takeaway.

Central to the rules are two tenants: "You Own Your Own Words" and "Assume Good Intent."

1) When you hit the send button, your words are out there and probably can't be taken back. And nobody is responsible for them but you. So don't go into denial and say "I didn't mean to say that". It's all about communication and that means the important end result is the reaction in the reader's mind, not the reaction in your own to your words. So make a conscious effort to think about this when you write. "How will this be read?".

2) Communication is always flawed especially the written word. Take the best possible meaning you can get from other people's words and react to that. They may not have expressed well what they were actually trying to say. If you assume bad intent and fire bad intent back at them, you'll just start a flame war. If you assume good intent, perhaps the conversation can move forward.

These are good rules to live by in the online world. [from: JB Ecademy]

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