A rant from me on this blog entry. Pledge 5 pounds per month to support an organisation that will campaign for digital rights in the UK

For instance, one of the key questions in my list is whether you should be able to time shift TV programs and skip through the ads. We think it's fair use because we've been doing it for years with VCRs. The media industry do *not* see this as an automatic right. And they are actively fighting to prevent us from being able to do this as we shift to all digital HDTV. And as what constitutes a Digital HDTV is not at all clear (PC, DVD player, PVR, iPod Movie, cellphone, linux box, Mac, Xbox, PSP, etc etc) actually preventing us from doing this has some very unwelcome side effects.

I absolutely do not want to be told that I can only use this monitor with that DVD with that hard disk under this operating system and only if I pay that subscription tax to this body that might hand out a proportion to that musician. Today, because tomorrow they changed the rules without asking me for something I've already bought. And then be sent a threatening letter extorting money with menaces if I try to get round it.

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