Bloggerheads (UK) - Prepare your angry-pants

Security Services generally despise politicians and they especially despise politicians when they are particularly stupid. There was a famous case not so long ago when an MP stood up in the UK parliament and bragged that the Argentinians couldn't do anything pre-emptive because we'd broken their encryption codes. Shortly after, they changed their codes. Doh!

So now we have a case where for purely political reasons (getting elected mostly) the Republican party bragged to the media that the west had a mole in Al Qaida. And then they gave enough information to the media that they were able to name him. As a result the British MI5 had to move before they were ready on contacts in the UK and some slipped through the net.

So far so stupid. Except that some of the people allegedly involved in the bombings in London last week were allegedly linked with the groups being tracked via the mole.

At which point you could be forgiven for laying at least some of the blame for last week's 50 odd deaths at the US Republican party's door.

Me, I'm not so sure. There are some weird anomalies around the bombings just as there were around 9/11. Not really enough to fuel a full blown conspiracy theory but enough to make you go "hmmm?".

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