Nearly 25 years ago we had Rock Against Racism and the Two-Tone movement. Two weeks ago we had Rock Against Poverty. I'm here to propose Rock Against Terrorism. Maybe the words are wrong and it should be Rock Against Violence or Rock Against Bigotry. But whatever, it's about using music to include sections of British society that are alienated from what we think of British culture.

So where's the 2005 equivalent of UB40, The Clash, "A Message To You, Rudie". Where's the Bangla-Ska-Garage mashup band. Where's The Specials? Where's Skateboarders Against the Nazis? Where are all those T-shirts and badges that anyone could feel proud to wear?

Music is the best. Without the Music, I don't know where we'd be.

Writing this with tears in my eyes.

[Edited to add]
I'm feeling really freaked out by a society where a 19 year old teenager brought up in Britain is so alienated that he can be indoctrinated into killing himself and others *from his own society*. "You should be going out and you should be having fun" (c) Madness. "Rudie, don't go".

I do remember Handsworth, St Pauls and Brixton, not to mention Notting Hill, but the whole Rock Against Fascism movement, Two Tone and the strange cross over between Reggae, Ska and Punk united black and white youth and did a lot to dispel the tension between them.

So is there a way that music can do the same for disaffected Asian youth and build a bridge between them and their black and white brothers. (Damn, I'm tearing up again).

BTW. "Rock Against Violence" is perfect. It can also be used against the extreme right wing as well as against Gangsta hip-hop and the the glorification of gun culture. And it gives all the potheads something to get behind as well.

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