I haven't blogged for a few days. Not because there wasn't way too much tech stuff to comment on but because I've been trying to get my head round what happened in London. To all those who expressed sympathy and wondered if I was OK, thanks. But as I try never to use public transport and generally commute by megascoot, it wouldn't have affected me anyway. In reality, I was 25 miles away and overdosing on news (5 chat sessions and 10 browser windows on constant refresh).

The news today that the bombers were almost certainly teenagers from the Midlands is particularly hard to comprehend. I simply cannot understand the rift in our society that allows an idealogue to train, supply and above all indoctrinate a 19 year old to suicide bomb innocent people in their own culture and society, never mind in their own country.

Perhaps part of the reason for this lack of understanding is that the home grown suicide bomber is a story that almost never appears in popular media, whether that's books, films or TV. I can only think of a single episode of a single series that tried to address this narrative.

On a lighter note, I've yet to hear the inevitable British sick jokes; that wonderfully non-PC and British way of coping. The closest is the re-purposing of "We're not afraid" images to say "We're not afraid because we're drunk. Anyone for curry?"

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