Just had a great IM about Skype with someone who runs a small web hosting business. Names changed to protect the innocent.

Julian Bond says: ps, I wish you'd use Skype instead of/as well as MSN...
Julian Bond says: I'm trying to wean myself off MSN and run just one IM program. And you;re the only contact left.
XXXX says: ok I might have to re-think the strategy as skype was getting a bit abused in the office
Julian Bond says: heh
Julian Bond says: Abused by cold callers?
XXXX says: that as well as staff personal calls and the fact that there was 15 people in (the office) using it and it was killing the connection
Julian Bond says: typical web product. Destroyed by its own success...
XXXX says: exactly
XXXX says: it was cutting through the bandwidth of the standard VoIP calls we were making because you can't really QOS http
XXXX says: well it's quite difficult
XXXX says: now I'm considering trying to install a dedicated connection for Skype calls
XXXX says: crazy.................................

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