Been meaning to post this for a few days.

Marc's Voice: ID Gang : We discussed providing a governance and technical due diligence entity that could keep Microsoft honest in their upcoming identity standard efforts - InfoCards.

I've referred to InfoCards as a "big momma identity backplane" - which enables any sort of identity system - to jack into a backplane - which all other identity systems share.


Meanwhile all the other identity platforms were represented at the meeting, including Shibboleth, Liberty Alliance, i-names and Sxip - so you BET this standard is gonna have some traction.

I'll make sure XFN, FOAF and other bottoms up technologies (like LID) are included as well.

The one question we all have is - "will any of the big boys play along?"

My question for you, Marc is "will any of the small boys play along?" By which I mean Drupal, MT, Wordpress, phpBB, Nuke and all that other open source, long tail, cheap and cheerful goodness. And there's a related question here. "Do you think will be able to use Infocards?"

My guess is that IE only, MS Windows only on the desktop, WS-SOAP Stack based, and by implication MS Server only, will count you out. And it'll count me out as well. And it'll count out >60% of the market. And all that will be left is MSN, Hotmail, eBay and Amazon. Sound familiar? Is that the ghost of Hailstorm and Passport I can hear clinking outside the door?

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