Skype Journal: I'm All Ears : There's been research on music listening, I'm willing to pay a premium for a headset (prefer wireless) that is guaranteed easier on my ears. Just like I know a top end stereo, I need a topend, robust and light-weight easy-to-listen-to headset. It can't be tiring... thus must be just like a top quality stereo. Where's the brand and the model?

I still haven't found a good solution to this. My requirements are worse because I listen to a lot of music. I want to switch seamlessly from using a high quality stereo headset to talking on Skype. So I think what I want now is a pair of those great Sennheiser phones with a boom mic and a really small inline mic mute button.

I've wondered about the effect of mono-stereo on phone calls. We're all used to listening to phone messages through one ear only. When you hear a phone through both ears and the voice is in the middle of your head, it seems to dominate your thinking to a greater extent. I'm wondering if Skype should provide an option to play back in mono through only one channel?

The other alternative is to have a headset Mic but play back through speakers (assuming you work in an environment where a speakerphone would be ok). The catch is that I still can't find a boom mic that is really good at ignoring ambient noise and the potential feedback from the speakers. If you reverse this and use a desktop Mic with headphones, then the desktop Mic picks up all the typing and mouse clicking noise, not to mention the PC fan.

I've tried a pair of Plantronics ear buds with inline mic but the sound quality is cheap and the mic is effectively omni. Right now I've got a plantronics boom mic duct taped to some high end Sony ear buds but that's less than perfect. That may be the way to go though. High end stereo headphones with a duct taped high end boom mic.

ps. Skype auto-pauses Winamp. It doesn't always auto-restart it. And why not iTunes/WMP as well?

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