An idea for a Skype plugin. I've got people trying to push me to use Avecomm which is a Netmeeting clone (whiteboard, screen/app sharing etc) written as a zero install activex/java application. Unfortunately the voice performance sucks. ISTM that an add on to Skype in the style of the video plug ins could do all the same things but piggy back on Skype's voice, chat, conferencing, file transfer and presence. You'd get all the benefits of SKype's superior performance and add in the missing netmeeting style functionality.

Of course, you run the risk that Skype will eventually include all the functionality themselves.

Incidentally, we ended up using Skype's voice and chat simultaneously with Avecomms app sharing. it worked fine as long as you disable voice in Avecomm. I also had problems with Avecomm's java not working with Firefox's Sun Java installation which was cured by switching to IE6.

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