Is Iraq an issue or not? The Polls all still say not.

Good grief people. If he had the nerve to do that what do you think he'll have the nerve to do in the next 5 years? Just look at a few of the things Blunkett had lined up for us all. Imprisonment without trial, ID cards, trial without jury, and on and on. The current cover up of the "Ricin Ring" debacle is yet more proof that they'll fabricate evidence in order to achieve their aims. And then hide the evidence when they're found out. And then there's the impending postal vote crisis.

In that sense Iraq is not in the past. It's an indication of the future.

Oh and by the way, we're still in Iraq. Remember?

Labour in - Blair out

Now whatever the polls tell you, every seat is a marginal seat this time around. Even if the Lib-Dems fail to get many more seats, every vote will encourage them. And if the Tories and Labour end up neck and neck with a small Labour majority, as Simon Jenkins says in today's Times, the Lib-Dems will hold the balance of power. So vote early and vote often.

Did I mention Iraq?

Re Ricin Ring, it gets worse. That report from Duncan Campbell is being progressively removed from the BBC, Guardian and others. The problem is in these days of Google caches, the internet archive and suchlike, it's a lot harder to hide the truth. It keeps popping up in the most awkward of places.

The most interesting question about the Attorney General's advice document is "who leaked it?" And Cui Bono?

Did you hear Tam Dayell on the R4 One o'clock news? He claimed Blair would get in and then the Labour party would throw him out.

This one bothers me and I wonder why it doesn't get more press. We're supposed to be voting for a leader who has said he will resign at some unspecified time in the future. A much reduced Labour majority and all the personal negative press against Blair could lead to a very quick leadership crisis in the Labour party. I'm not at all convinced that Gordon is a straight shoe in. I think it's much more likely that several other challengers appear and the whole process gets messy and bloody.

This looks increasingly like Thatcher's third election. So who's going to play the roles of Heseltine and Major?

I think that process is potentially very bad for this country. Almost as bad as another huge Labour majority. So can we all please get it over with quickly.

Did you all watch the BBC debate last night? Interesting that the audience gave Kennedy a pretty easy time, but wanted blood from Howard and Blair. And Blair looked like Nixon in 1960. Sweating like a pig and squirming. But there's that certain arrogance that still lets him argue like a barrister, make the schoolmasterly jokes and asides and use that (mock) sincerity with the bared teeth and raised eyebrows. "Of course you would say that but this will hurt me more than it will hurt you and I did it for the best reasons and I'm going to do it anyway because I know best and I'm Prime Minister and you're not." I think this comes to almost all people when they stay in power for too long. And this one's been in power for too long.

Parts extracted from quite a sensible thread on Ecademy.

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