BBC NEWS | Technology | Online music lovers 'frustrated' : UK music lovers are getting frustrated with restrictions placed on digital music tracks once they buy them from online stores, says PC Pro magazine.

- Consumers don't like DRM on online downloads of music.
- Consumers don't like being told where they can use their purchase
- Consumers don't like paying the same for a track on a CD as they do for the "near CD Quality" they get from online downloads.

What a surprise. As another poster said "Pretty much, the effect of DRM is not endearing nor encouraging people to purchase online. For one the quality is not on par with the price. There is no reason beyond the mandate that a song cost x amount that it should be so high. In this you see the majors are still practicing price fixing, even after being convicted of such. The DRM basically restricts the buyer and there is no trade off of any sort to make it worth the money."

Just Say No To DRM

[1]DRM = Digital Rights Management. It's the software controls that prevent you the consumer from doing what you want with the product you bought. [from: JB Ecademy]

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