NTL have started rolling out more speed upgrades but they've been fairly quiet about it. If you have NTL Cable broadband then go to http://www.ntlworld.com/data-feeds/editorial/microsites/tierMigration/ The old 750Kbps service has been boosted to 2Mbps for the same price. It looks like the upload speed has gone from 128Kbps to 200Kbps. Which is better but still a right pain. We used to get 512-128 so a factor of 4 between up and down. Now it's a factor of 10. I guess they're still trying to limit file sharing.

Note that there are usage limits. 2Mbps gets you 1GB per day and there's 3GB per month on their entry level 1Mb service. Which is not good. 1GB a day is fairly reasonable. And they haven't actually started enforcing it yet. Customers with the existing services or 2Mb & 3Mb (1GB per day) Ntl reserves the right to contact customers who regularly exceed their daily usage allowance, where such excessive use impacts the quality of service for other ntl broadband customers.

But as we all start downloading episodes of Alias from the USA via BitTorrent it could get irksome. I understand why they do usage limits but I still don't have to like it.

The throttle seems to be in the cable modem. What would be good is if the speed limits were controlled in the network. So you could have ethernet speeds on your local cable segment, 10Mpbs and upwards within NTL and 2Mbps for the wider internet. This would still help NTL keep down their peering costs, but let me share my entire machine with my friend up the road. Just an idea, although I don't expect it to happen.

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