Justin F. Chapweske Founder of Swarmcast.

The trend is towards larger and larger files. We're now at the stage of moving DVDs around over the net. But http doesn't work for very large data files. Probability of failure tends to one as file size grows. So is there an equivalent to RAID for moving large files? Fault tolerance doesn't help. Load balancing still has a single transaction happening on a single server. Akamai costs 20-30 times normal bandwidth. The cheap version of using mirrors introduces security risks and the user experience sucks.

Hence Swarming. Ad hoc CDN (Content Distribution Network). Transparent: Looks no different from normal http. Opens up the possibility of swarm streaming. This should become ubiquitous. Uses simple additional http headers.

Best Practices for web design to support this.
- Static elements

Public test edition available. http://onionnetworks.com/products/swarmstream/

JB: I have my doubts about this. I'm not sure why people will install this in their browser. Maybe it needs to partner with the pr0n industry like peercast.

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