The search for pr0n drives people to become alpha geeks

Everybody wants pr0n + laws and norms + everybody loves tech. =innovative ways to look without being seen.

The first vibrator was steam powered.
Early vibrators, were camouflaged technology "I only use it for therapeutic purposes."

1920 vibrators appear in pr0n and get banned by various states.

Late 1970s VCR introduces "private pr0n"

Obscenity law. What is Obscenity?
The Miller test.
- appeals to prurient interest
- offensive sex and/or excretions based on contemporary community standards
- has no social, literary, artistic or scientific value

child pr0n post 82, always obscene unless it's a fictional representation

seven dirty words. broadcasts subject to different values.

Private VCR tapes very different from movie theatres. much less likely to have community complaints. Hence VCR widens and encourages market.

Meanwhile on the internet.
Ascii pr0n was poor.
But cheap, easy and private means internet + pr0n is inevitable.
And Internet breaks 2nd prong of miller law. Where is the community? Important case that established that Internet was not subject to broadcast restrictions.

2005 US vs Extreme Associates
obscenity statutes are unconstitutional. Tight interpretation of privacy in own home.

Nitke vs Gonzales ongoing.
How can you define obscenity in community when community is the world.

pre-paid internet pr0n cards let you pay cash for porn.
user friendly anonymous proxies.
eg TOR. downside is anonymous attacks on legitimate sites

Off the record messaging. repudiability and forward anonymity Each chat session has unique key exchange and key is discarded after session. "What's good for pr0n is good for free speech"

"Anonymity loves company. today's pr0n tools are tomorrow's human rights protections."

Other Tech areas being driven by pr0n industry. Bandwidth issues. peercasting, video on demand, teledildonics.

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