Richard Rachid. MS Research.
- Harnessing human scale storage. Terabytes now cheap.
- Sensecam. A Black Box for a human being. Lots of sensors. Image stabilization a big problem. Key issue was working out, did something interesting happen. Is the camera stable. Privacy studies to see how people feel both about taking the data and appearing in it. Now working on V2.
- Unconventional devices. Live tables that react to things placed on them.
- Holographic films to create 3D displays linked to the 3D world. To create a 3D user interface.
- Fighting HIV with computer science. HIV. "The borg would be proud". Relates machine learning, spam and HIV. Shorter genomes are better. So using computer search to find shortest genome that expresses as one aspect of HIV.

Yahoo! Research. Gary Flake.
- Working with O'Reilly.
- Y!Q bookmarklet to popup a window that is context sensitive to what you were looking at.
- Improving aggregation by combining MyYahoo RSS aggregator with search. (sounds like technorati)
- Tech:Buzz game. Markets as predictors. Weights opinions from people who predict well. Built in partnership with NewsFutures. Like a futures market but tracks ideas and lets people compete on them. Fundamentally new type of auction. Has an API.

Google. Peter Norvig
- Key area of research is indexing new types of data. Then anaylsing it, then presenting it.
- Now showing Google Suggest. I don't think there's going to be anything new shown here. What Google are doing with these is to come up with new ways of interacting with a web page.
- Google personalization. Tags?

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